Utilizing technical and scientific approaches to prepare well-designed experimental procedures to achieve the best possible outcome and reproducibility, leading to potential discoveries and intellectual property

  • Product Optimization

Providing guidelines with functional modifications for the client’s current product to exhibit optimal performances in the field

  • Data Analysis & Interpretation – 

Offering data plotting analysis services and providing logical conclusions to overwhelming technical and scientific research data, collected from techniques, such as dynamic light scattering, electron microscopy, absorption spectroscopy, and vibrational spectroscopy

  • Safety Management 

Develop and implement plans and procedures for general and laboratory safety practices tailored to the client's specific needs to ensure compliance with OSHA rules and regulations (29 CFR Part 1910) and advising employers on how to protect employees from nanomaterials exposure by providing recommendations, such as engineering controls, personal protective equipment, and administrative controls 

  • SDS Authoring 

Osha compliant safety data sheets (SDSs) will be professionally prepared in a consistent 16-section GHS format while protecting the client’s trade secret


Inquire for additional scientific and technical services relating to your specific objectives.

services offered
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SEM Micrograph

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EDX Spectrum


TEM Image 


XRD  Pattern

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